The perfect gift for the rum afficionado.

Buy a gift box for under the Christmas tree, as a ADD on when you buy the ticket, then we will send the gift box to your home. The gift box contains 2 NRF tasting glasses and 2 rum samples or

Put together your own gift box in our store.

Drop by our store at St. Kongensgade 56, and find the exact bottle to put in your gift box.

In our regular gift box comes: 2 NRF Tasting glasses + 2 Rum samples plus shipping for 145DKK(Value 220DKK).
We have chosen the following rum samples.

Black ToT.

Black Tot Finest Caribbean is a blend of rums from different caribbean islands and is of course inspired by the rum, that was enjpyed on board the British Navy ships until 1970. Black Tot is composed by master blander Oliver Chilton, which is a blend of 40% 3-5 year old Guyanese rum, 20% un-aged Guyana rum, 35% 5 year old Barbados rum and 5% 3 year old Jamaican rum. All the rums have been aged in the tropisk in Ex.-bourbon casks. It is bottled without chill-filtering and no added sugars – a clean dry rum.

Abuelo 12 year old.

Ron Abuelo 12 year old reflects the Verela family’s passion to create some of the best aged rums in the world.
A refined, elegant and a true ”Single estate rum” – the cane sugar comes from own fields, the rum is distilled in their own classical Coffey column still and the rum is aged in ex-bourbon casks in own warehouses and all of the content in this bottle has been aged for 12 years.