Masterclasses and tastings will be held in two auditoriums that will be set up in the main venue, and at the distillery during Nordic Rum Fest where rum producers and brands can showcase their rums during 45 min information packed sessions.

Admission is FREE with a ticket to Nordic Rum Fest, but if you want to reserve your seating there is a 50 DKK fee.
Book your Masterclass by clicking on the individual masterclass, SALES START 26rd of April 2019

FRIDAY – 31/05-19 PROGRAM: 

  Main Stage – The Plant CPH Distillery Stage
  Friday: Friday:
12.15 Plantation Rum, France Banks Rum, US
  Feat: Matthieu Gouze(FR) Feat: Alison Bartrop(UK)
13.15 Black Tears Spiced, Cuba Skotlander: Nordic Flavours, Denmark
  Feat: Ian Burrell(UK) Feat: Søren Krogh(DK)
14.15 Havana Club, Cuba Abuelo, Panama
  Feat: Alfredo Fidalgo(CU) Feat: Cristobal Srokowski(PL)
15.15 Foursquare Distillery, Barbados Bacardi, US
  Feat: Richard Seale(BB) Feat: David Cid(PR)
16.15 Rum Nation, Italy Plantation Rum, Frankrig
  Feat: Mario Navarro(CL) Feat: Matthieu Gouze(FR)
17.15 Habitation Velier, Italy Chairman’s Reserve, St. Lucia
  Feat: Daniele Biondi(IT) Feat: Phillip Gillier(FR)
18.15 That Boutique-Y Rum Co., UK Rhum Embassy Tour
  Feat: Peter Holland(UK) Feat: J. Gitana & B. Bail(BE)
19.15 Bacardi, US Mhoba, Sydafrika
  Feat: David Cid(PR) Feat: Knud Strand(DK)
20.15 Real tba


  Hovedscene – The Plant CPH Distillery Stage
  Saturday: Saturday:
12.15 Chairman’s Reserve, St. Lucia Mhoba, Sydafrika
  Feat: Phillip Gillier(FR) Feat: Knud Strand(DK)
13.15 Habitation Velier, Italien Compagnies des Indes, Frankrig:
  Feat: Daniele Biondi(IT) Feat: Florent Bouchet(FR)
14.15 DEBATE: NEW EU Legislation
  Speakers: Alfredo Fidalgo(HC), David Cid(B),
15.15 Richard Seale(FSQ), Anders Skotlander
  Santi Bronchales(RA)
16.15 Skotlander, Danmark Compagnies des Indes, France:
  Feat: Anders Skotlander(DK) Feat: Florent Bouchet(FR)
17.15 Foursquare Distilleri, Barbados Rhum Embassy Tour:
  Feat: Richard Seale(BB) Feat: J. Gitana & B. Bail(BE)
18.15 Havana Club, Cuba Rum Nation
  Feat: Alfredo Fidalgo(CU) Feat: Mario Navarro(CL)
19.15 Abuelo, Panama That Boutique-Y Rum Co., UK
  Feat: Cristobal Srokowski(PL) Feat: Peter Holland(UK)
20.15 Real McCoy Rum, Barbados
  Michele Tuveri

The floor plan over the main venue, The Plant CPH, with all the rum brands: