As the gorgeous rum is flowing at NRF, we are also making sure that you can get something great to eat. So we have teamed up with the amazing people behind “Folkets Madhus”  that will be catering the entire NRF event with organic food.

The Cantina is setting up a organic buffet, with this beautiful menu:

  • Medium rare beef rump served with bearnaise cream.
  • 14 days aged pork belly with own BBQ
  • New potatoes with fresh parsley
  • Sugar-steamed white asparagus with homemade mustard.
  • Chili & Rams pesto.
  • Summer kale with fresh herbs and sorrel.
  • Green salads served with grandmas dressing.
  • Mini brownie with rum-glaze.

295,- kr. for 90 min access to the buffet. 

Besides all the amazing rum that will be flowing at NRF, we are also making sure that you can something else to drink.

“Rum Club Copenhagen” will be catering the 2 main bars that will be set up in the two venues, to cater what ever that has nothing to do with rum and of course will be charged for at the bars.

You should be set up for great evening af Nordic Rum Fest.