*Tickets will be subject to a 25 dkk ticket fee.

Tickets to Nordic Rum Fest gives you access to the festival grounds and includes access to all the free rum to sample and all of the master classes. When checking in, you will receive your NRF Access Pass, NRF KeyHanger and PRO NRF tasting glass, for all the rum you are about to sample. Remember to use our GLASS Exchange service to get a fresh glass free of charge. There will be NO TOKEN sale, but the exhibitors are bringing such bottled treasures that they might charge for some of the 1 cl samples.
Just pick your ticket above and join us at the best rum festival in the Nordics!

All Tickets include the following:

Access to the Festival grounds, in the indicated time slots.
1 NRF Keyhanger
1 NRF PRO Tasting glas
Access to all the NRF’s MasterClasses**
**Limited Seatings, seating can be reserved for a 60 DKK fee.

Extra Possible Add-ons:

Gift Package Single:
For distribution in Denmark 160 dkk.

For distribution in Europe 200 dkk.
The package will be sent to your home address and contains the following: 1 NRF pro tasting glas, 1 NRF lanyard + 1 rum sample (choose between sweet or dry rum).


Gift Package Double:
For distribution in Denmark 200 dkk.
For distribution in Europe 240 dkk.
The package will be sent to your home address and contains the following:2 NRF pro tasting glas, 2 NRF lanyards + 2 rum samples (choose between sweet or dry rum).




For the Christmas packages you can choose between 2 different rums:

Clement VSOP – the dry.
Clément Rhum Vieux Agricole VSOP is a rhum agricole which has been aged for a minimum of 4 years on new french oak casks and used bourbon casks. This gives a lovely combination of spicy notes, among them notes of nutmeg, cloves and the more classical vanilla notes from the bourbon casks.
Martinique is the most important island for the rhum agricole – the french farmers rum. Here you will find brands like Rhum Clement, who’s classical french style of rum is produced at the “Distillerie du Simon” after all the AOC regulations. Which mean that they are all made on fermented fresh cane juice (no added molasses or cane syrup), destilled in pot column and always bottled without any added sugar or age fiddling.

Ron de Jeremy XO 15 yrs Solera – the sweet.

Ron de Jeremy XO 15 Years Solera is a sweet and flavorful rum made by One Eyed Spirits. They hired no other than the renowned rum-star Don Pancho Fernandez, who has more than 50 years of experience as a master blender. For this rum he has created the perfect blend, where he merged rums from Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad and Jamaica, which is great starting point for a blend. All the rums in this blend have been aged up to 15 years in american oak casks, which prior have been used for bourbon.